'Success' is not always an experience of serene pleasure. In fact, most successful business leaders will tell you it hardly ever feels the way they thought it would. Many leaders experience a lack of work-life balance and ever-growing stress.

Million Dollar Business Club was developed for successful business leaders who want greater levels of personal fulfilment and financial success. To reduce work hours, obligations and stress, and to increase fun, profits, and real success.

Joining Million Dollar Business Club offers leaders who have experienced success, and want a greater sense of satisfaction, a network of like-minded leaders, success coaching and guidance. We assist Club Members to get more out of their personal lives and businesses, while also opening the door to exciting adventures that they’ve been too busy to enjoy.

If you know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing, and can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing, click the Learn More button below and consider what you might gain in your business and personal life by joining us.

“We're committed to enhancing and enriching the lives of business leaders”

Leigh Eggins - Founder of Million Dollar Business Club

"I re-found my spark of enthusiasm and belief. Within three months my income had climbed more than 100% and my personal fulfilment rose immeasurably."

— Maurice Goldberg, International Artist and Entrepreneur (BRW Fastest 100 List for 3-years) – Sydney

"With Leigh's assistance my business has MORE THAN DOUBLED, I’m working less, profits are up over 260%, I've regained my confidence, have clear plans, significantly stepped up, and am having much more fun"

Doug Woodford

— Doug Woodford, Director, REDBEAR IT - Melbourne

What are your aspirations, what do you want to achieve?


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