Membership Options

There are 3 Membership levels supporting 3 levels of participation.

Associate Membership - This Membership is designed to give you a preview of the Club, meet and mastermind with existing Members, experience our top notch fulfilment, and through our carefully designed program, get accelerated runs on the board.

Club Membership - The most popular Membership, which gives you monthly access to a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs to mastermind with, form new friendships and alliances with, and where we expose you to proven, world-leading life and business success habits and strategies, which will cumulatively result in you making life and business decisions which support you in deeper fulfilment and greater success.

Includes the LEEDAA Priority Management System and our rock solid Guarantee.

Plus attendance of one Long Weekend Special Event (we host two of these a year), where Members learn innovative strategies from best in class international level speakers, mastermind their lives and businesses with like-minded leaders, be inspired with new possibilities, and enjoy adventurous and fun experiences (all inclusive except flights).

Plus attendance of the significantly life-changing CONNECT Annual Retreat where you'll share in next level time out, conversations and growth strategies.

Master Membership - The 'give me everything' package, which includes all of the above, plus almost unlimited access to Leigh via 1:1 Success Coaching sessions, Half and Full Day Success Coaching Experiences, and you'll also receive attendance to an additional Long Weekend Special Event included each year.

5-7 Years of Membership - Elder - As an acknowledgement of your contribution to the Club over the preceding 5 years, Membership fees are reduced by over 90%.

7+ Years of Membership - Lifetime Elder - As an acknowledgement of your contribution to the Club over 7+ years, Membership fees are waived forever.

To learn more about the Membership levels, the Club, and the benefits available to you and your business, simply download the Membership Information Kit by pressing the button below, or book a time to speak with Leigh on Zoom.

Members and Industries

First NameIndustry
AlbertTV, Antennas, Satellites, CCTV, Computers
AlistairConstruction, Landscaping, Swimming Pools
AndrewTechnology - Consulting and Development
BrettLandscape Design, Horticulture
CraigWater Enhancement
CraigAntenna, Satellite, Home Theatre
DeanInsurance, Furniture care, Franchising
IanLogistics, Trucks, Transport
JamesDigital Marketing & Finance
JasonAntenna, Satellite, Home Theatre
JodyWater Purification, Well-being, Health
JohnLand Development, Real Estate, Investment
MattConstruction and importing building materials
MauriceArt, Design
MichaelPlumbing, Civil Works
PaulaRecruitment and Training
PhilReal Estate
TonyWealth Management, Financial Services
WendyAuthor and Mind Strength Coach for Children