S - Smile: When you smile the whole world smiles with you. :) You can choose to enhance your experience of the present moment by smiling broadly and coming into full presence. See video below on checklist.

P - Posture: Have you noticed that happy people are usually walking with their chest out and a smile on their face. It's proven that as you slump your happiness declines, and conversely as your happiness declines you slump. Choose to sit and stand upright with your heart open and chest out and you will notice how it effects your emotions. See video below on checklist.

B - Breathe: Breathe in long, deep, full breaths and notice how much better you feel, and how much better you perform. You are also sending a signal to your brain that this situation is safe and survivable. See video below on checklist.

T - Thank: Appreciation is the secret to happiness. Seeing and experiencing the gift of the present moment. Realising the silver lining around every cloud. Saying thank you leads to other feel good thoughts. Once you start this habit you'll realise that there are hundreds of things to be thankful for. Affirmation: I love and appreciate my amazing and ever expanding reality - Thank you :)

T - Trust: Trust is the ability to move forward with a knowing that you are eternally safe and that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Affirmation: I trust that things are always working out really, really, well for me - Thank you :)

R - Receive: Receive the positive aspects or gifts of the present moment. There are many positive aspects of this moment if you just allow the possibility that you can receive them. Over time you will get better at noticing more and more. You may even like to open your arms in receiving (Great posture). Affirmation: I am worthy of and receive the very best that life and love has to offer me now - Thank you :)

In time you will begin to experience more and more magical moments created by your Positive Expansive Momentum.  Enjoy!

Smile, Posture, Breath Video Checklist